Byron Bay

Hannah had been looking forward to Byron Bay ever since we had arrived in Australia so it’s a good job we only had 2 hours to drive from Brisbane! The campsite we chose was ideal, right on the beach and next to the main street. We chose to relax for the remainder of our first day there; we had been on the go for quite some time.The next day however, Hannah decided to introduce me to one of her favourite sports – surfing! I have never surfed before, and needless to say I was little bit useless and I didn’t quite make it on to my feet. I did manage one foot and a knee which was good enough for me! We had a big dinner and a long drink to finish our day, and a good hour establishing what parts of our bodies ached and which were actually bruises.

The next day was much the same, although the waves weren’t quite as big. I did get onto my feet, twice! I fell off straight away both times but I was happy nonetheless. Hannah of course showed off how much of a surfing beach babe she is by being an absolute talent amongst the waves. It was a great day that we finished with yet another big meal and a not-so-healthy froyo dessert.

Next stop, Sydney!


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