Lombok and Gili Air


We were quickly running out of time on our Indonesian adventure so we decided our two final destinations would be a whistle-stop tour of Lombok island and Gili Air island. Both stops were short, so with little to say I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Lombok is an entirely Muslim area, so one of my main memories of this island is the chant from the Mosque, the call to prayer 5 times a day. We stayed in a small village called Mentigi, fairly near the popular tourist area as the hostel was convenient for our one tour we had planned during the stay. Our trip was to the Senaru Waterfalls. A long drive and then a 30 minute walk in blazing heat took us to the first waterfall. Our guide insisted we go underneath it for a “massage” but I’m not sure how therapeutic this plummeting cascade would have been.

The next waterfall was an adventure to reach. We had to wade through extremely cold waters coming down from the Rinjani mountain, and we were wearing flip-flops and shorts (like all the other tourists who explored here!) After a quick U-turn to catch up with Hannah’s flip-flop that had escaped downstream, we made it to the main waterfall. It was a beautiful sight, and the trees and plants surrounding the area were truly something to behold.

Overall, Lombok is a beautiful island, of which we only got to see a tiny but impressive bit!

Gili Air

A short boat trip from Lombok lies three fairly touristic islands; Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. We opted for Gili Air as it is favoured by locals and not overly party centric. With a population of 1800 and the walk around the island taking 1.5 hours at most, there was not a huge amount to do here apart from chill by the pool and have some delicious food (we had to be careful to avoid anything with mushrooms in it, as this was apparently the local delicacy).

Our bamboo hut was just big enough for the two of us and our backpacks, so we spent most of our time in the pool or playing with the kittens when we were at the hostel (it rained for hours both days so some feline friendship was much appreciated!). 

Otherwise, we could walk 15 minutes to the white sandy beaches.

One of our favourite things about the island was that there was no motorised transport whatsoever. Most shop stock or building material was delivered by horse and cart, with the occasional push bike or electric scooter whizzing by. Once again we were reminded how simplistic life can be!


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