Goodbye Vietnam, Hello Cambodia!

Vietnam was fantasic but thoroughly exhausting at the same time, so we were very ready to move on to our next destination, Cambodia. We booked a bus to get us across the border and through immigration – what a bizarre process. It begins with handing over your passport and visa fee to the bus guide, who then ushers everyone into a warehouse and rushes down the other end to where immigration is. A huge crowd stands around waiting for their guide to get their passports stamped, no queue, no system and definitely a free for all judging by the Vietnamese who pushed their way to the desk. One poor guy sat with piles of hundreds of passports before him, checking and stamping in an apparently systematic manner, as we did get our passports back eventually with appropriate forms. Then it’s back on the bus, a minute drive down the road, back off the bus and hand over your passport again, walk through a building, get back on the bus and drive down the road to a service stop to await your passport return by bus guide. Very strange, but it worked and we are officially in Cambodia!


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