Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is a lovely city, a beautiful mix of laidback Laos traditions and remnants of past French-colonial elegance. It took us a day to walk around the entire city and explore the mountain, its temples and characterisitic back streets.

There was a short climb to the temple on the summit of Mt. Phusi…

and the view was breathtaking at the top!

One day we took a walk beside the river, where steps led down to swimming spots…

(charging tourists to cross this old bamboo bridge… orange-robed monks crossed for free)

… and visited a unique little cafe with admirable roots in the surrounding communities (the coffee smelt like chocolate).

The best day was our afternoon trip to Kuang Si waterfall! A bear sanctuary preceded the waterfall route itself…

It was so beautiful, with tier upon tier of shallow blue water trickling down from an impressive waterfall within the forest.

 A difficult but short climb by the side of the waterfall led us to the top, where fairy pools swirled towards the edge and wooden swings hung from the canopy of knarled, characterful trees.

Overall, a great, insta-worthy introduction to Laos before our next stop, Vang Vieng!

(One of many French cafes on the high street, which also sold delicious bread and cakes worthy of Paris)
(Our hostel was cute but also right next to a temple that held a 3-day festival with continuous chanting and drums throughout our stay.)


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