Chiang Mai

We loved Chiang Mai! A perfect mixture of tradition and modernity, it had a beautiful chilled vibe reflective of the Thai lifestyle and lots to do and explore. We spent our first day walking the old city, visiting lots of temples and a wonderful park in the corner of the old city walls. 

It was so relaxing to wander wherever we felt like and we spent every night wandering the huge, jam-packed night markets – there were so many! Plus the food was so cheap and always delicious. Our second night, there was a festival celebrating Chinese New Year and you could wander through a display of hundreds of Chinese lanterns and golden dragons.

On the 13th we went to a cooking class, Great Kitchen, ran and hosted by Thai chef Meow. We began at the local market and had lots of ingredients shown and explained to us, as well as free time to wander the many stalls. At the kitchen, Meow demonstrated each dish and had us taste a sample, before running through the process step by step with us. Each dish took 2-3 minutes and we got to eat what we cooked. It was incredible, so easy but really yummy.. our favourites included tom yam soup, spring rolls, fried rice pineapple, pad Thai and Green and Massaman curry (including the paste). 

At the end, we got a certificate, cookbook and food to take away with us, as 5 meals was too much in 3hrs! A fantastic day, we couldn’t move for most of the afternoon and just managed a few drinks at a local food and drink courtyard down the road that evening.

Check out the following post for what we did on the 14th as it deserves a specially- devoted page, so it just remains to say that we spent our last day in Chiang Mai planning our onwards journey and taking a last look around the city.


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