Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi 

Koh Lanta is considered the quieter of the two islands, the one for those looking for a rest from the tourist attractions and night life… we were by this point in some serious need of R&R. 

Our first night wasn’t too bad; a nice private ensuite room (Thailand really likes its wet rooms), tons of restaurants to choose from – all with seating options on the beach – where we sat, had dinner and watched the sunset. It was absolute bliss until we got back to our room and realised it was next to a Reggae bar with a live band playing loud late into the night. 

Oh well, day two in Koh Lanta was very relaxing even though we were a little dozy. A trip to the beach and a little nap was very needed. We found out very quickly that this was not a beach for swimming. Sea lice and small jellyfish made our dip a little more than uncomfortable. So, we sat on the sand, read and soaked up the sun (a little too much so!)

The next day, after rather too close an encounter with a cockroach at our original hostel, we moved to a hostel on the north side of Koh Lanta. Incredibly cheap and right in the hub of all the shops, restaurants and night markets. Midway through lunch our waiter went to the end of the restaurant to catch some fish- all the restaurants were built out on rather rickety piers. 

Koh Phi Phi – what a day! We booked a tour to see the incredible islands of Phi Phi, known for their fun party life and otherworldly landscapes. Snorkelling with hundreds of brightly-coloured shoals of fish (including Gill from Finding Nemo!), buffet lunch on a deserted island and visit to Maya Bay (set location of film ‘The Beach’), it’s hard to describe just how amazing this day was and the views we saw. So these pictures will have to do…

Typical view of Phi Phi from the boatMaya BayViking CaveLunch time!

On the last day in Koh Lanta we did what we do best, and what we came to Koh Lanta for, chill. A long lay in, lunch on a nearby beach whilst watching a family netting some fish in the shallows, a few games of cards and some planning for our next few days. We got our rest in the end, we really needed it by then!


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